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Are you tired of receiving the same gifts from your friends? Gifts such as chocolates, aromatherapy, towels, display accessories... Why not plan a unique gift in advance and get them at more affordable prices? Get it packaged nicely and receive it by early December!


Excellent Gift for Children

Occupy children with hours of fun! Train the child to be patient as they assemble it piece-by-piece to become a masterpiece they will be proud of! DIY toys are also a good way to reduce screen time for the child and let everyone reconnect as a family.

Our Customer Reviews

Brought the gramophone set and managed to finish building it with my hubby in about 3 hours. The end product is beautiful. Definitely trains one to be more gentle and patient in the process of building.

Serene L.

My son enjoyed assembling this wooden handicraft! It was really fun to build and the end product is simply amazing! I was impressed with so many things: the design of the train itself as well as the planning of the kit (no screws or glue - just slots and it's solid!)!

Sheena F.

This miniature room was challenging, but tons of fun if you like building things! Instructions are clear and the pieces are very well made. It looks quite nice after assembly and it was every fun and cute! The whole family enjoyed building it for an hour each day after dinner.

Rodney W.

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